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Scheduling: To start the process a free estimate appointment is scheduled in order to walk the job and provide an accurate pricing for the scope of work. Once we have provided an estimate a signed contract and 10% deposit is required in order to hold a place in our current schedule. Darling and Associates will do everything in its power to meet intended start and end dates of a job. We make no guarantee of start or completion date. If you choose to reschedule your job after we have chosen a date, we reserve the right to work it back into our schedule as we are available. We reserve the right to move, reschedule, and cancel any job at any time for any reason.

Payment Schedule: 10% of estimate due as deposit upon acceptance; 50% of estimate due upon completion of preparation; remaining balance (including additional charges) due upon completion of contracted services.  A 5% per month penalty will be assessed on all outstanding balances not received within 30 days of invoice. Credit cards payments will incur an additional 3.5% processing fee.

 Painting: Products to be used on the job will be called out in the bid. Changes to products can be made upon request. Please note that changing products can be an additional cost depending on the brand.

Only one color is included in cabinet painting bids. Any additional colors will be charged at $400.00 per color. (This includes different colors for different rooms (kitchen, bath, laundry, etc.)

Products: Cabinet paint needs to be able to bond to surfaces in order to maintain durability in high traffic, heavy use areas. The recommended finishes for cabinets are Satin or Semi-Gloss.

  • C2 Cabinet and Trim Paint

  • Durapoxy Cabinet Paint

Cabinet faces will be taken to our shop for proper prep and paint application. Cabinet frames will be prepped and painted on site. Please be sure to remove all items from cabinets prior to painting. During the first month after painting it is important to open and close doors regularly to ensure they do not cure shut.

If new cabinet hardware is to be installed by Darling Painting it will be charged on a time and materials basis.

If you notice any necessary touch-up or repair work, please review the terms of our warranty for getting the items fixed

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