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Color Consultations

Consultations start at $250 contract pricing. This includes 4 hours total of consultation time and 5 paint samples.

The 4 total hours of consultation time can be broken up into 3 trips.

The first visit will be your original appointment, the 2nd visit being a sample day of applying to rooms, walls, etc.

If a 3rd visit is required, it may run into “add-on” time (see below.)

Darling & Associates Painting provide color wheels to look over, as well as individual color chips.

Payment Schedule: After proposal is returned, signed, and deposit accepted, color consultations can be available by appointment only. Billing for color consulting will be sent via email. Billing will be broken up into 2 payments. The 1st payment is through your deposit, and 2nd payment is to be made when the full consultation process is completed


Scheduling: Color consultations are by appointment only. Color consultation appointments are only conducted Monday-Thursday 10am-2pm. Darling and Associates will do everything in its power to meet intended appointment times. We reserve the right to move, reschedule, and cancel any appointment at any time for any reason.


Deposits and Refunds: A 50% deposit payment is required on proposal with signed contract to schedule a consultation. If job is cancelled, Darling and Associates will retain the full deposit amount of original proposal or $150 of deposit, whichever is a lesser amount, to cover administration fees. If job is cancelled after color consultation is finished, the full deposit and consultation amount will be kept.


Color Process: Which ever company your proposal was bid for, is the company to choose colors from. A Darling & Associates representative will arrive to job location with a color wheel and samples requested by client. Once colors are chosen, customer has 5 color paint samples included in the consultation pricing to sample on the wall by a Darling & Associates employee.


Start choosing colors: Interior bids include 2 colors, 1 for walls/ceilings and 1 for trim unless noted. Exterior bids include 3 colors 1 for body, 1 for trim/gutters, and one for door.



  • Additional sample quart:                                                                     Add: $9.00

  • Additional consultation time:                                                             Add: $50/hour

  • Additional trips:                                                                                   Add: $75/each

  • Additional color choice Interior:                                                        Add: $250-$400

  • Additional color choice Exterior:                                                       Add: $200-$400

  • Product/Sheen upgrade:                                                                   Add: $200/product

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